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Client Requirements Analysis

Preliminary meeting to discuss possibilities, uncover client requirements, available budget, define project scope & potential execution timeframe.

Costs Analysis & Pricing Estimate

Custom solution is proposed based on client requirements and budget. Client signs contract, releases first payment and development can begin.

System Design & Resource Planning

A bespoke solution is customised using a combination of hardware, software, VR content, training and operational methods to fit client requirements & capacity.


Installation & Deployment

Hardware installation, software design & configuration, content production, publication & testing on relevant VR platforms, viewing surfaces, interfaces & devices.

Operational Phase

Systems, products & services go live and all users & stakeholders are invited to participate in educational, operational & testing workshops in preparation for launch.

Promotional Phase

Promotional campaigns across multiple platforms and channels are launched. Customer & user feedback loops provide key insights. Sales campaigns are executed.


Introductory Workshop

We'll arrange an introductory workshop either online or in real life to discuss your requirements, aspirations, goals, results, timeframe and budget parameters. At this workshop, we'll provide you with a demonstration of some of our technologies and solutions that best suit your needs, and can deliver the results you require within your budget and timeframe.

Requirements Analysis

Once we have worked through all of your ideas and requirements, and have understood your unique goals and situation, we can boil it down to the actual project parameters and deliverables then zero in on the technologies that you actually require.

Project Parameters

  • Stakeholders

  • Project Scope

  • Desired Results

  • Value Generation

  • Available Budget

  • Timeframe

  • Deliverables

  • Media Elements

  • Deployment
  • Training

Offer & Acceptance

We will provide you with a detailed project proposal and final contract for approval and signing. Once payment is verified, we can begin to design and build a custom solution tailored to precisely your requirements.


  • ETR XR

    We will handle the implementation project management ensuring that all necessary hardware, software, content, training and resources are delivered at the right phases of the project, to the relevant people and locations.

  • You, the Client

    We will provide you with a list of necessary resources and deliverables from your side. These will include spaces such as a dedicated operational room and technical workshop, equipment preparation and storage area.

  • Stakeholders

    You will introduce us to the relevant staff and other personnel that will be trained in the use of the systems. We will interact directly with your key staff and stakeholders, training the relevant personnel and teams in the day-to-day operation of the VR systems.

    These in-house technical specialists will be trained to use the systems in a safe, reliable and professional manner, thereby protecting your investment and maximising your returns.

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