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ETR // Nordkapp Ride



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The ETR // Nordkapp Ride was the culmination of 60 hard days riding along country, coastal and mountain roads from Cádiz in Spain to North Cape at the top of Europe. The goal and aim of this 'great quest' was mapping all the routes, locations, points, partners, destinations, attractions, hotels and experiences, and shooting photos and videos that would later manifest into European Touring Route.

The final stage (60) from Alta to Nordkapp was a celebration ride - we're connecting southern Europe to the Arctic North, connecting the travel-hub cities of Cadíz and Alta, connecting the peoples and regions of Andalucía and Finnmark, uniting the tribes along one great touring route through Europe! So that called for a great celebration in the cosy warmth of Nordkapphallen, and some cold and sparkling champagne to fight off the harsh weather.

What people forget to tell you though, is once you have ridden all the way up here, you still have to ride all the way back home again! But that can be just as much fun! 

Nordkapp is both the end of the continent and the beginning of a great new adventure!


On the long and gruelling journey to the top of Europe, Nordkapp has always been THE final destination. Adventurers, royalty and expeditions have set the mountain plateau as their goal. Today, motorcycles, camper vans, cars, bicycles, boats, planes and buses make this legendary place a popular destination. You'll meet a lot of other riders on your way here, and even more on your way back again.

The spectacular plateau rises 307 meters above the Arctic Ocean, and marks the end point of the European mainland, and the start/end of the European Touring Route - it's all downhill, from here...

"Here I stand at Nordkapp, the extreme of Finnmark, at the very end of the world,"

- Franscesco Negri, Winter 1664

Over 300 years later, Nordkapp has developed into a major travel destination, and the ultimate experience of nature. The jagged coastline with sheer cliffs that plunge down into the endless sea. The otherworldly, treeless plains and picturesque fishing villages. The frozen shores and snow-capped mountains in winter, along a coastline rich in wildlife and history. Endless daylight and haunting landscapes in summer.

The journey to Nordkapp is unforgettable, and the scenery is breathtaking. A unique and full-on sensory experience of raw nature. The magical light Enjoy the soft veil of polar twilight in winter. Become captivated by northern lights shimmering across the sky. Experience the magic of winter at Nordkapp, and explore a fascinating Arctic summer with the soft glow of the midnight sun at the extreme north of Europe. This is the realm of contrasts, and it is impossible to forget the beauty of this journey.


Blasted into the mountain cliff of Nordkapp, Nordkapphallen provides you with a rich variety of views. This spectacular panoramic building takes you on a journey through four seasons in a landscape full of contrasts, light and breathtaking scenery. At the top level of the building you will find a restaurant with stunning views of mountain plateau and endless ocean, a coffee shop and Aurora Borealis Bar.

Nordkapphallen is a true center of adventure with historical exhibitions, a museum, a chapel, a post office and a restaurant. Here, you can sample exquisite foods from the Arctic kitchen and reach the famous globe at the very edge of continental Europe. Nordkapphallen is a magnetic attraction in itself, that shouldn't be missed!


Event Team

  • Dave O'Byrne

  • Hallgeir Strifeldt
  • Ellinor Strifeldt

  • Aurora Strifeldt

  • Jens Konrad Annfinsen
  • Juan Carlos Barceló Palacian
  • Erling Kristensen
  • Raimond Jakobsen
  • Asle Myrheim
  • Edel Riise



12,638 kilometers of country roads from Nordkapp to Cadiz, the European Touring Route leads the traveller through wild scenery, along unspoiled and rugged coastlines, through breathtaking mountain ranges and over fertile rural and arctic landscapes, with interesting locations and ETR Sites, hotels, attractions, and places to visit and buy local products, along the way.

For motorcycle tourists, Europe has vast stretches of long winding hairpins, sections with many switchbacks, great coastal roads, mountain tunnels, spectacular bridges, and some of the most breathtaking mountain passes in the world. ETR ties all of those together, into one large route, to deliver great riding and travel experiences, from deserts to lush forests, and Arctic Tundra regions.

From Nordkapp to Cádiz, the road connects the many different cultures, peoples, landscapes, languages and experiences that are just waiting to be discovered by millions of motorcycle travelers.

ETR // Nordkapp ride

ETR // Nordkapp ride

ETR // Nordkapp ride

ETR // Nordkapp ride

ETR // Nordkapp ride

ETR // Nordkapp ride

ETR // Nordkapp ride

ETR // Nordkapp ride

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